Email Services

PgL Publishing provides robust email services

Beginning August 1, 2013, all domains hosted by PgL Publishing send email using Vouch by Reference systems. This means email you send using our services is far less likely to be mistaken as spam.

The systems we are using are Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

  • Our servers use DKIM to digitally sign every email you send out. This allows Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and other ISPs to verify that your email really does come from you, and not from a forger.

  • Our implementation of Sender Policy Framework lets the major email services check to see that the server they get an email from is authorized to relay mail on behalf of your domain. SPF records are stored alongside others in DNS servers, making them a critical part of the internet backbone.


None of our hosted domains appear on any email server Blacklists

All of our domains and server IPs have clean reports from SORBS, Spamhaus, Spamcop and Project Honeypot

We subscribe to a monitoring service that reports to us if they find any of our domains on any blacklists.

If we discover anything that tarnishes our reputation as an email sender, we will take corrective action promptly.

Checking DKIM

Our DKIM implementation uses the current state of the art 1024 bit encryption keys. To check this, enter the following into the form at this link:  DKIM Key Checker

default then

You can also enter:  default and then any of our client's domains

Checking SPF

We use a custom implementation of SPF. Syntax validation can be checked using this tool, which is commonly used and recommended in the industry:

SPF Validation @


Spam policies of major online email providers support SPF and DKIM


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