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PgL Publishing is our website design, hosting, and management company!

More than 20 years ago, Ms Lyndsey first got into web design using the various tools that were available back then.  Due to school and raising a family, she set web design aside for a few years.

In August of 2009 when she build her first website in more than 10 years.  Being a member of the alternative life-style community, Ms Lyndsey noticed how many people among the various alternative life-style communities were looking for someone who  knew how to build websites.  They wanted to find someone who would not be offended or turned-off by the content they wished to have on their "kinky" websites.

In January of 2010, Ms Lyndsey, along with her partner Tim, founded PgL Publishing and began to design and build websites ~ averaging about 1 per week.  PgL Publishing has designed, hosted, or managed more than 25 websites ranging from a church website (which is now inactive), to personal web sites for members of the BDSM or human Ponyplay community, and a website for a local public BDSM Dungeon.  The size of these websites range from a one page flier, to a full blown website for different kinky flea markets; e-commerce websites for a taxidermy business, several different alternative life-style businesses, as well as the largest and most extensive, actively updated, worldwide source for links to and descriptions of adult locality-based groups, gatherings, events, parties, dungeons, activities, meets, resources and information.

We love to build websites ~ all kinds of websites ~ and to incorporate the customer's needs and desires into their site to make it a truly "unique" web site for them, their organization, or their business.  We also offer web hosting as well as website management services.

We look forward to working with you on your web site needs.


Ms Lyndsey
Co-Owner & Web Designer,
PgL Publishing ~ A Division of PLK Stables.



These Rates are subject to change without notice.

Our Site Hosting Package

  • Site Hosting @ $60  pre-paid in advance for a year 
  • Site Hosting provides and includes:
    • Hosting of the website
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Off-site back-ups
    • Technical Support (if needed), which includes:
      1. Site is down
      2. Security problems
      3. Back-up/restore calls
      4. Installing Joomla or WordPress
      5. Selecting template
      6. Installing template -  Commercial templates cost extra (see below).
      7. Making needed or requested alterations to template
      8. Uploading an existing Joomla or Wordpress website to new host.
  • Initial site set-up fees (if required):  $200  for a simple 1 page website.  The website is usually up and running within 4 hours.  Please contact us for our WordPress website set-up fees and our pricing for websites with multiple pages.   If the initial set-up takes longer than 4 hours due to its complexity$40 is added for each hour or part of an hour beyond the initial 4 hour minimum.  
    • Initial set-up includes:
      1. Transfer of a preexisting website to new host site (if applicable).
      2. Initial 1 page web design, navigation, and graphic setup if a new website
      3. Set up vanity domain e-mail account(s)  (if applicable)
      4. Submit website to search engines
      5. For a Joomla Site as well as a WordPress site, initial set-up also includes:
            1. Website maintenance for first 30 days will be included for minor changes and corrections only.   (These  minor changes and corrections are not to exceed initial web design).
    • Initial set-up does not include:
      1. Multiple page websites.  $100 extra per page.
      2. Commercial templates - needed for business & commercial Joomla website are extra & start at $30.
      3. Designing custom headers & other graphics are charged an extra fee of $25 per header or graphic.  This $25 fee is only for logos, headers, or other graphics that we design and which are used on a client's website.  

If our client provides the graphics and information suitable to construct the website, this can be done by either:  providing us access to the existing website host so that we can download the current website and its database (in the case of a preexisting website); or by providing new material (if for a new website). Additional charges will apply if we must rebuild, redesign, or obtain graphics by taking pictures of them for you, or by providing them from other sources and a rate of  $40 per hour or part of an hour will be charged.

All information, graphics, etc. for use in the website may be emailed to us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Site Hosting Package does not include:

  • Site Management (i.e.: adding pages, adding calendar entries, etc.)
  • Domain Registration
    1. We suggest that it is best for our customers to register and own their own Domain.
    2. We can register a Domain for you for an additional fee which varies per domain (We charge a flat rate of $12 to do this for you and this includes Who Is Guard ~ a service that protects your personal data) per year with the understanding that you, the customer, trust us to turn over the Domain to you when and if the time comes.

    Our Complete Site Management Package

I.  Includes:

    1. Site Hosting Package (see above) - @ $60 pre-paid in advance for a year 
    2. Initial Site Set-up: See above
    3. Fee of $40 (per hour discount for established clients, email us to learn more) per hour or any part of an hour to manage your website for you.  Managing your website includes:
          1. Adding new pages, pictures, videos, etc. to the website
          2. Making changes to the original website templates used
          3. Updating “Event Calendars” if used on website.
          4. Taking/editing new pictures and/or obtaining new graphics may incur an additional fee.

II. We also offer a one-time fee for making minor additions or alterations: $200 a year includes:

      1. ~ this incudes making simple additions or alterations to your website that take less than an hour a week or 4 hours per month. 
      2. More than an hour a week or 4 hours per month, the above #3 fee of $40 per hour or any part of an hour will be charged (per hour discount for established clients).


Rates Last Updated:  January 9, 2016


Email Services

PgL Publishing provides robust email services

Beginning August 1, 2013, all domains hosted by PgL Publishing send email using Vouch by Reference systems. This means email you send using our services is far less likely to be mistaken as spam.

The systems we are using are Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

  • Our servers use DKIM to digitally sign every email you send out. This allows Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and other ISPs to verify that your email really does come from you, and not from a forger.

  • Our implementation of Sender Policy Framework lets the major email services check to see that the server they get an email from is authorized to relay mail on behalf of your domain. SPF records are stored alongside others in DNS servers, making them a critical part of the internet backbone.


None of our hosted domains appear on any email server Blacklists

All of our domains and server IPs have clean reports from SORBS, Spamhaus, Spamcop and Project Honeypot

We subscribe to a monitoring service that reports to us if they find any of our domains on any blacklists.

If we discover anything that tarnishes our reputation as an email sender, we will take corrective action promptly.

Checking DKIM

Our DKIM implementation uses the current state of the art 1024 bit encryption keys. To check this, enter the following into the form at this link:  DKIM Key Checker

default then

You can also enter:  default and then any of our client's domains

Checking SPF

We use a custom implementation of SPF. Syntax validation can be checked using this tool, which is commonly used and recommended in the industry:

SPF Validation @


Spam policies of major online email providers support SPF and DKIM


Yahoo begins to implememt DMARC, Jun 5, 2012
Explains a DKIM issue in mailing lists, Yahoo Groups, etc.
Google support article on Email authentication

Converting to 1024 bit keys for DKIM

Domain Assurance, preceded DMARC active from 2006-2008
Wikipedia article on Domainkeys Identified Mail (DKIM)