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PgL Publishing is our website design, hosting, and management company!

More than 20 years ago, Ms Lyndsey first got into web design using the various tools that were available back then.  Due to school and raising a family, she set web design aside for a few years.

In August of 2009 when she build her first website in more than 10 years.  Being a member of the alternative life-style community, Ms Lyndsey noticed how many people among the various alternative life-style communities were looking for someone who  knew how to build websites.  They wanted to find someone who would not be offended or turned-off by the content they wished to have on their "kinky" websites.

In January of 2010, Ms Lyndsey, along with her partner Tim, founded PgL Publishing and began to design and build websites ~ averaging about 1 per week.  PgL Publishing has designed, hosted, or managed more than 25 websites ranging from a church website (which is now inactive), to personal web sites for members of the BDSM or human Ponyplay community, and a website for a local public BDSM Dungeon.  The size of these websites range from a one page flier, to a full blown website for different kinky flea markets; e-commerce websites for a taxidermy business, several different alternative life-style businesses, as well as the largest and most extensive, actively updated, worldwide source for links to and descriptions of adult locality-based groups, gatherings, events, parties, dungeons, activities, meets, resources and information.

We love to build websites ~ all kinds of websites ~ and to incorporate the customer's needs and desires into their site to make it a truly "unique" web site for them, their organization, or their business.  We also offer web hosting as well as website management services.

We look forward to working with you on your web site needs.


Ms Lyndsey
Co-Owner & Web Designer,
PgL Publishing ~ A Division of PLK Stables.